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Haven't Been Here In A Long Time

So, its great to be in Canada. Americans in the 48 States just seem to hate America and Americans no matter what happens. Bush/Obama, this ruling or that. Market up, people hate each other, Market down and they still hate each other. Your sport team sucks, your political views suck, you like that director so obviously you're a dimwit and you suck blah blah blah... President says "hi" instead of "hello" and people's bowels start pissing blood. A shop owner forgets to turn off the "open" light and people froth at the mouth. They can spend billions on sporting stadiums but can't spend money on roads. They can have the best "trained and equipped" standing military force, but fuck teaching those kids before they enlist. Kids have fingers and that gets confused with guns, so kick them out of school, but adults can scam the financial system and get promotions.

What the fuck happened?

So, outside of America, my life is fucking great ^_^

Da Hell

Well, lost 45lbs, got a promotion, and bought plane tickets to New Zealand since my last post.

Good news is my job is super sweet. Bad news is it's winter. this -28 stuff isn't no fun and is going to kill me when i fly down to like 28 Auckland summer. xD But Drummin is well worth melting for.

Been rock climbing and running a lot more lately. Super happy with that. My partner at camp is now my gym partner in town, so we've been in a friendly gains competition.

Also, if all goes well with Auckland Hospital and the Roo himself, I may move to warmer dreams.

Dating Game?

i'm generally terrible at this. though i feel i've warmed the heart of the little roo, and with similar timelines and goals, I think I found a keeper. =3

Been Awhile

So still chilling on Spy Island. Work is good and the travel has been great. Been getting back to the gym and running a lot more. Still been blasting David Bowie xD

Been getting more into Drummin who I've been friends with for years. I love the roo and he makes me feel special. He's actually coming to visit me here in Alaska which means a lot.

Still planning on moving to Canada, but few set backs as the PA program is like 10years behind the USA's.

Arctic and Stuff

So i'm on this tiny island in the Arctic and from land we can see this big ass flame. Its just a safety flare up, but they are cool when they happen. ^_^flare
Polar bears. =D
Bear track

Other than the Arctic wonderland with a blizzard on the way tonight, in a month from now I will be in Vancouver BC for a bit. I really can't wait.

Going On

Back on da island. Working.
Vancouver in December, and so very excited for that.
Ran 10 miles the other day. I recommend that.

Hello LJ

Its been so long, but Camp Fire Tails was a blast. Hanging out in the Fabled lands of California after was interesting to say the least. Jet ski for the first time, and I went flying off of it tons =D Dealing with temps from 92 to 112 was not fun. Its cold in Alaska so I was baking. Nitrohusky, Denzo, Unition, Serv, Spark, and a paw full of others really made the trip amazing.

Other news. I return to the Arctic Circle on the 4th, but this time I will be working on an oil platform and running the clinic. Go go Medic Fox ^_^ big money big prizes

Been running 5ks ever other day, and working on the 10k. Gotta get my foxy butt in gear for a race and possibly a date. lol xD

New Realm

Working my way out of medicine and into another science. Its much easier to let people die instead of putting up with them. 14 years of practicing medicine, about 250,000 patients seen. I have about 2 more years left and I will hang up my stethoscope and throw away gloves for the last time.

Long Time No Post

Mated to Sean (spark). that seems to have people muttering. fuck em
The Clinic is working out just fine.
Getting a house in Alaska.
Next we going to Florida
Month after we sailing the Caribbean.
After that Vegas
Then Germany.

Almost convinced we should just have a storage unit and a PO Box lol Neither one of us are going to be there often unless we are entertaining guests to the frozen north.

3/27 we movin' on up

Writer's Block: Bare necessities

Name three things you can’t live without.

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